This project is currently under development and is subject to change.

This project is not only an artwork but also a research about digital fabrication processes. KiCad and AutoDesk Fusion 360 are the softwares used for the physical design, later having the parts 3D printed and the PCBs proffesionally outsourced. ESP32 microcontrollers and C++ programming are used for the control of the devices.

Ellipses are a series of kinetic sculptures which base their design on a string loop throwing contraption referred to as a string shooter.

The mechanism consists of two motors rotating in opposite directions, which impulse a loop of yarn to a distance dependent on the speed of the motors and the length of the string.

Because the string is looped, the yarn returns to the string shooter, getting fed again into the motors.

This continuous throw generates a levitating elliptical shape. This phenomenon is quite interesting and eye-catching, as it produces a peculiar behavior that our perception is not used to experiencing.

I am particularly interested in these kinds of perception-defying phenomena, as I consider we have a habitual way of conceiving reality. The effect produced by these pieces aims to defy and expand this perception.

I consider that creating and/or enacting certain physical or chemical behaviors and portraying them in aesthetical disposition (such as sculptures or installations) can allow us to have a better grasp of the physical possibilities of matter by questioning the habitus of our perception.

It is important to also mention how the use of properties and behaviors of the mechanism allow metaphorical and semiotic relationships. The contraption and phenomena are mediums which we can use to compose simple and complex associations.

I don’t pursue to create a certain enclosed narrative with my work, but rather, evoke sensations, emotions, and thoughts through the controlled display of these sculptures. `